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Our Story


In 2014 my sisters and I were introduced to the World of Amazon Selling. We each picked our Niche, looked for products to sell and off we went. I have always had a special place for conservation so I focused on reducing disposable plastics. I started by purchasing items in small quantities and putting them together in my Garage just north of Philadelphia, Pa. In 2016 I requested and received a Wholesale Account with the iconic Ball Mason Jar company. This was a big deal for me! By making sure that everything we shipped was perfect and as described, sales increased and eventually scaled up to where we are today.


We keep our prices relatively low as we know that what we are doing is more than just about profit. In fact, the majority of our prices have not increased after launching a product. I feel that we are ahead of the curb on Climate awareness now that there is a lot more focus on this today. We are proud to be doing our part and give thanks to our customers for doing theirs by purchasing Reusable products.

The Mason Jar, an American Icon

A Mason jar, also known as a canning jar or fruit jar, is a glass jar used in home canning to preserve food. It was named after American tinsmith John Landis Mason, who patented it in 1858. The jar's mouth has a screw thread on its outer perimeter to accept a metal ring or "band". Wikipedia


Jarming Collections is committed to providing high Quality Reusable products. By doing so we are proud to assist in the Environmental Recovery needed for Climate Change. We offer a variety of Drinking Jars to replace disposable cups and glasses. We offer a variety of Storage Jars replacing the use of Zip-Lock Plastic bags and Plastic Wrap. Finally, we offer a Great selection of Drinking Straws made of Glass or Stainless Steel replacing the use of disposable plastic straws. Many of these disposable plastic products end up in our Oceans harming our Marine Ecosystem.


Mason jars have a two-part top ― a lid with a rubber ring on the underside, which creates a vacuum seal (which is so integral for safe canning), and an outer band with screw threads that are reusable. The lids can only be used to seal once, but the jars and bands can be reused many times. Jarming Collections now offers a variety of tight-fitting Plastic Mason Jar Lids that are BPA Free Food safe and highly reusable.

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How We Got Here:


We are proud to be one of Amazon’s highly regarded sellers. In fact, we have a current Lifetime Score of 4.9 out of 5 Stars! This once again reflects our commitment to place our customers' needs and wants at the Top of our List.

Dr. Reid

Only bought these to help increase my water intake. These are very durable. I’ve dropped them several times and no cracks or breaks. I do have a small dent in the lid but it’s minor. I clean weekly by boiling in water for 5 minutes. Will buy more soon.


I love these glass jars and have been using them every single day since I got them. They arrived on time and well packaged. I wish I could purchase more of these!

Kevin Ray

Got this for my wife for her birthday and she uses it all the time. Quite large so you don't have to refill it constantly, and so far no degradation of the metal lid despite machine washing multiple times per week. The straw fits nicely in the hole, no squeaking or scraping.


First off, fantastic product. Super sturdy glass jars. Secondly, amazing and responsive seller. I use these every single day for smoothies and juices. They are the perfect size and really easy to clean. My only constructive recommendation is for the seller to include a couple of spare lids in the case one gets cracked or lost. I dropped one of the jars against hardwood floor and the lid cracked. The seller was super responsive and kind enough to send me a replacement lid. Would definitely buy more jars and I recommend them to others!

P. Estate

I ordered these for making and storing juices and they are just what I was looking for. These are extra wide mouth jars and make pouring juice an easy task. They look gorgeous filled with green juices/smoothies and may help me keep up this healthy habit!


These are the perfect size for my homemade salad dressings. What I like most is having the plastic, easy to clean, and most importantly .... rustproof tops! The metallic lids are extremely prone to corrosion, especially when storing something like salad dressing where the jar is going to be opened, closed, and re-opened several times. The plastic lid is an easy solution that really works for me. Very very satisfied with this product.


Randy Doss

I almost didn't buy these because of the price, but they are worth it! I have used them every day since I got them! I was looking for a nice glass to present smoothies to my picky boyfriend to try to get him to drink smoothies that are made of fruit and veggies. Once you pour the smoothies in these glasses, they make them more appetizing than just a plain old glass! I love the fact that when I'm laying in bed too lazy to sit up, I can tilt the glass and it does not leak or spill! The best part is I love the straw! I live in San Francisco where they banned plastic straws. The cardboard straws just ruin the whole drink for me. But I like these straws just as much as the plastic ones! I don't know what these straws are made of but they don't ruin the drink like other straws do.


Exactly what I needed. Had been looking for Mason type and size jars at the time. Since sanitizing wipes were hard to come by, we used these jars filled with water and a little clorox and bamboo sheets to household clean. Since they have a plastic lid, it did not rust like original Mason jar lids did. Still using these even though wipes are more readily available. It has saved us money since we rewash our bamboo sheets and reuse. We have one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen.


I really like the mason jars they aren't to heavy and they hold a lot I've used it for smoothies, water and juice they are aesthetically pleasing I got a lot of compliments on them I'm happy I purchased them they are so cute the glass straw does not come with the mason jar
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